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Emergency Lighting Products

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Emergency Lighting Products

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

MTM has extensive expertise in manufacturing graphics products for illumination, particularly emergency lighting signage. MTM is the leading UK supplier of fire exit signs to lighting Original Equipment Manufacturers in the UK and throughout Europe. We have been at the forefront of developing panels illuminated by fluorescent tubes or LEDs which comply with UK, European and International Standards for graphics, colour, colour contrast and fire performance.

We take great pride in the quality of our fire exit panels which more than satisfy the most demanding of customer requirements. Excellent panel quality enhances the value of the complete light fitting.

We supply the following products to the emergency lighting industry:

Back Lit Panels

MTM offer a comprehensive range of back lit fire exit panels which are screen printed onto either Opal Polycarbonate or PETG both of which meet the 850° C glow wire test. We supply panels with legends complying with BSISO7010, BS5499, HTM65 and European Sign Directive. We also supply other legends for special applications.

Edge Lit Panels

MTM have worked in partnership with a number of emergency lighting manufacturers to develop panels which meet the contrast requirements of UK and International standards whether externally illuminated by fluorescent light tubes or LEDs or internally illuminated by one or more LEDs. To retain light within the panel we can apply either a white or chrome strip to the outer edges. We also supply multi-layer and engraved fire exit signs. We offer legends to comply with the same standards as for back lit panels. With our extensive range of routing and laser cutting equipment we can offer both shaped or rectangular panels with either mounting holes, hooks or grooves (e.g. to minimize vibration on board ships). 

Special acrylic material which distributes light evenly over one or both faces of the panel is available and can be used in combination with printed polycarbonate legends. 

Photo luminescent signs

MTM offer the full range of photo luminescent fire exit signage using semi-rigid material which can be offered with either mounting holes or self-adhesive strips. Self-adhesive flexible photo luminescent labels are also available.

Self-adhesive labels

MTM also offer screen printed clear or white self-adhesive vinyl or environmentally friendly polyolefin fire exit legends either as separate labels or in kit form. 

“Hidden Message” labels

MTM supply labels where the text is only visible when the label is rear illuminated.


Our technical staff will be pleased to offer advice on the relevant UK and International Standards as well as the most cost-effective solution for your application.


If you require a prototype for customer approval, please ask and we promise to charge a reasonable price which may be refunded either in part or full if you order a production quantity (dependent on quantity).

MTM Express

The MTM Express guaranteed premium service is available for all the above range where a very quick delivery is required.