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Graphic Overlays

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Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlays and Control Overlay Printing

Graphic overlays are printed on the reverse of the substrate and have adhesive backing. Substrates include coated polyester, polycarbonate and Mark Resist PVC with the following options:

  • Cut outs
  • Frosted LED windows
  • Crystal clear display windows
  • Tactile/Braille
  • Embossed buttons
  • Photo luminescent “glow in the dark” background e.g. nurse call handsets
  • Gloss, velvet gloss, matt velvet or brushed steel effect finish
  • Creases for folding
  • Substrate thickness between 125 and 500 microns (depending on substrate). Hybrid constructions can also be offered.
  • Dimensional tolerances down to +/-0.3mm

We have a wide range of finishing equipment including platen, CNC routing, Knife plotting and laser cutting. 

We can offer shaped overlays with holes as required either as single pieces or as “kiss cut” sets.

We offer a colour matching facility (Pantone & RAL) if our wide range of standard colours does not meet your requirements.

Graphic overlays can be applied to aluminium or control panels with cut outs.

If you require a prototype for approval we undertake to charge a reasonable price which may be refunded in full or in part if a production quantity is subsequently ordered.

MTM Express

For those last-minute situations where you require a very short lead time we offer our guaranteed premium MTM Express service.