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Self-Adhesive Printed Labels

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Self-Adhesive Printed Labels

Surface Printed Self Adhesive Labels

We have both digital and screen printing facilities and are able to supply printed labels cut individually or in sheet form. Surface printed self adhesive labels can be offered with an over-laminate offering additional protection against abrasion and UV light.

We carry stocks of a wide variety of high quality self-adhesive materials including vinyl, polyester, paper and environmentally friendly polyolefin which will adhere well to metal and plastic including low surface energy materials. We can advise you on the most suitable materials for most environments with service life from 3 to 12 years. 

We offer extended life solvent based or UV curable inks for outdoor applications e.g. safety decals for construction equipment.

We can assist you in ensuring that your label graphics comply with the relevant International, national or industry standards.

We have modern cutting equipment and can offer “kiss cut” or “back split” labels which make it easy to peel off the backing. We are also able to offer shaped labels and label kits in sheet form.

Our range includes “tamper evident” or “void” labels for security applications.

Reverse Printed Labels

For harsher environments we offer the alternative of more robust labels reverse printed on Clear or surface textured PVC, polycarbonate or polypropylene with adhesive backing to suit your specified application.

Custom Design

MTM’s experienced sales and technical staff are here to help and advise you to ensure that your labels are fit for purpose taking account of the materials to which the labels are to be stuck, the operating environment and desired service life.  

In addition to the more standard substrates we can provide labels printed onto metallic foils, retro-reflective, fluorescent, photo luminescent and “write on” materials.

Label kits

MTM are specialists in the kitting of label sets. Kits can generally be either in sheet form or individual labels in a polyethylene bag. You tell us which labels you want in the kit and leave the rest to us.


Our flexible manufacturing facilities are suitable for cost effective low, medium and high volume production of labels. We also offer our customers bespoke logistics solutions including stock management with “call off” facility.

MTM Express

For those last minute situations where you require a very short lead time we offer our guaranteed premium MTM Express service.